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Human Forum 2017

We are pleased to announce that GSM Barcelona is going to held HUMAN FORUM at the beginning of July 2019. The participants come from different parts of the world to discuss on topics that relate to the problems of human being.

Nanzan University

About University

Nanzan University is part of Nanzan Gakuen, an educational complex of three high schools, a women’s junior college, and the university itself. Among coeducational universities, Nanzan is the only Catholic missionary school in the Chūbu region.

Nanzan has a strong international focus, actively pursuing foreign exchange students. Western students primarily attend the Nagoya campus, while Asian students attend the Seto campus.

For many years, Nanzan has held an annual competition with its Catholic sister schools Sophia University and Sapientia University , primarily focusing on athletics. Combining the first two syllables in Japanese of the respective schools, the Nanzan-Sophia event is known as the Jōnan-sen , while the Sapientia-Nanzan event is known as the Einan-sen .The humanities department offers priest training courses through its Christian studies curriculum.


Nanzan is named after the forested mountains near Goken’ya-chō, known asMinamiyama, which literally means “southern mountain”. The on reading for  is Nanzan. Also, in Chinese poetryrefers to Mount Lushan until the Tang Dynasty and Mount Zhong Nanthereafter. Notably, the word appears in the classical poetry collection Shi Jing and the works of famous poet Li Bai. Thus, the choice of name is a celebration of longevity, perseverance, and prosperity for both the school and its alumni. In 2011 the junior college campus was closed and reorganized as a department on Nanzan University’s Nagoya campus offering courses in English language


Research activities are always encouraged and supported by the FTU. Annual research plans are used as the basis for the calls for, the appraisals of, and the selection of, research proposals, which are financed from a variety of sources.


International projects

Nanzan is a member of the ASEACCU (Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities), an organization of Catholic institutes of higher learning in

  •  Philippines
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  •  Indonesia and Japan

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Phot os of university

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