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Human Forum 2017

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Tbilisi University “Metekhi”

About University

The mission of Tbilisi University “Metekhi” aims at the successful development of self-oriented higher educational background in accordance with the principles of Georgian academic heritage and the values of the European educational institutions. The professionalism of the university academic staff can be determined by the experience in the leading Georgian state universities. The academic process based on the principles of dynamism highlights the continuous implementation of innovative academic programs and methods.

The university is open to innovative challenges giving the possibility to the dynamic development specifying by the flexible system of academic programs and the university management. The ambition towards innovation can be reflected within the professionalism of the academic and the administrative staff of the university.


Founded in May 2002, Tbilisi University “Metekhi’ is located in one of the oldest parts of Tbilisi surrounded by the ancient historical sites: the oldest “Metekhi” church, the magnificent Tbilisi Holly Trinity cathedral “Sameba”. The founders of the university professor Manon Kirtbaia and Eka Gogorishvili highlighted the existence of the ancient “Metekhi” church while naming the university.

Tbilisi University “Metekhi”, as one of the youngest private and most ambitious institutions of higher education, has been successful in fulfilling its mission from the very beginning. Most of the professors came from the younger generation of scientists and scholars. Therefore you are welcome to dialogue, critical thinking and dynamism. Thanks to them the university was featured by great intellectual vigor and ambition and has been developing in quality and quantity.

Corresponding to the world’s standard of quality of education and following the “Bologna Process” requirements, introducing ECTS, Tbilisi University “Metekhi”offers degrees in a wide range of traditional as well as modern academic disciplines representing one of the developing institutions in the region.

The university has been and proceeds to be one of the initiators of reforms and development of the higher education system, which have been adopted by other universities in Georgia. The university offers courses leading to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the following fields: Business Administration, Law, Humanities, Social Sciences and Medicine.


Scientific activities of Tbilisi University “Metekhi” is characterized by the constant development. Considering the Georgian regulations and innovations and international experience, “Metekhi is the beacon of the innovative challenges in the scientific area. The scientific activities of the university have been conducted by the vice-rector Prof. Jaba SAMUSHIA.

The scientific research of the university is concentrated on the two domains: leading PhD programs and scientific researches. In the post soviet countries such scientific research institutions are under reforms, many developed countries cannot afford themselves financing such institutions. As a result, the new tendentious, leading to the creation of mobility scientific laboratories, groups and labs within the university, have appeared. The existence of these groups is more beneficial and has a practical meaning for students. Besides, this system is more attractive for the state itself, as for the funding institution, and for the scientists.

Tbilisi University “Metekhi” is going to create scientific research centers for the disciplines leading to economics and jurisprudence. The centers will be based on the grant programs on the national and international levels.

International projects

The development of international collaboration and active participation in international academic community is an essential target of Tbilisi University “Metekhi”. The most important aspects of international activities are: bilateral agreements with the partner universities, collaboration with funding organizations, cooperation with international organizations of higher institution of education and participation in their programs and activities.

International cooperation has been given the following utmost priorities in the development policy of the university:

1) Student mobility

2) Staff exchange;

3) Joint scientific-educational projects.

“Metekhi” intends to cooperate with the diplomatic corps in Georgia, international organizations and the Georgian embassies abroad.

Our aim is to examine the consequences of the Bologna Declaration. The overall aim of the university’s international collaboration is to enable students and staff members to build solid international links in the field of education, research and culture.


  • European Institute of Education (EIE), (MALTA)
  • International Institute of Management (Paris, France)
  • Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Florence, Italy)
  • Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (Riga, Latvia)
  • Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Sibiu, Romania)
  • Varna free University (Varna, Bulgaria)
  • Vienna International University (Vienna, Austria)
  • The University of Oradea (Oradea, Romania)
  • University of Patras (Patraს, Greece),Black Sea Universities Network

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