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Human Forum 2017

We are pleased to announce that GSM Barcelona is going to held HUMAN FORUM at the beginning of July 2019. The participants come from different parts of the world to discuss on topics that relate to the problems of human being.

Ajou University

About University

Ajou University is a private, co-educational, doctoral institution. It is located in Suwon, 20 km south from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Ajou University is a research-centered private university which has grown into one of Korea’s most prestigious universities in a short period of time since its inception in 1973. Declaring “Ajou Vision 2023″ in 2008, it has been making a great leap forward to become a world-class university taking a lead in convergence studies by 2023.

Since it started as an engineering college, Ajou University’s strength lies particularly in the College of Engineering and the College of Information Technology. The School of Business Administration also has a competitive advantage over its counterparts in other universities. Furthermore, the establishment of the College of Pharmacy brought about its convergence with the existing School of Medicine. On the foundation of such academic excellence, Ajou University will march towards “Small but Strong University”, “Student-centered University” and “Global University” through constant changes and reforms.


In 1971, Korea and France agreed on the establishment of Technical Junior College in order to exchange technology and culture through education. Thus, Ajou Engineering Junior College was founded in March 1973 by Yusin Institute. In 1974, the Junior College became a 4-year engineering school and was renamed Ajou Institute of Technology. The college continues to receive a significant subsidies from Daewoo International since 1977.


With practicality as its educational philo-sophy, Ajou University has focused on research that can be industrialized and the cultivation of talented professionals with competence in the industrial fields.

There is a growing consensus in the 21st century that university should engage in practical research that can be industrialized. Ajou University boasts its active research in partnership with industrial fields as the research projects commissioned by businesses account for 38.8 percent of the total projects it was commissioned by outside institutions. As joint research activity between academy and industry is much demanded by society, research activity at Ajou University serves as a good model.

Ajou University aims to establish itself as an industry cluster-type industrial-academic research center based on its experience in research activity in the past. It strives to develop new technology and further synergetic effects through comprehensive cooperation with industrial fields in terms of sharing technology development, equipment, and facilities, various legal matters on intellectual property rights, technology transfer and technology sales, and human resources in the global era. The industrial-academic cooperation team designed for the vitalization of industrial-academic research is building industry clusters in various fields based on businesses scattered throughout Gyeonggi Province and operating

International projects

Office of International Affairs (OIA)

In keeping with Ajou’s commitment to become a truly global university, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) was established to promote, assist and coordinate international activities throughout Ajou University.

The OIA coordinates various international programs and provides service to international scholars and students. The OIA is responsible not only for making sure that Ajou provides a first-class education and meaningful experiences to our international students, but it also maintains exchange partnerships with universities worldwide and continues to develop new cooperative programs.

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