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Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Geology Institute

About University

Geology Institute of Azerbaijan (GIA) was formed in 1938 and now it is the largest scientific institution in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) wholly occupied with fundamental researches, as well as applied developments in various fields of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, ecogeology and other Earth sciences. There are 23 research departments and 2 laboratories, Natural-Historical Museum after H. Zardabi, Centre of geodynamic research & seismic monitoring (formed in 2003 by CRDF grant, USA), National Data Centre (formed in 2002 within Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban-Treaty Organization ratified by Azerbaijan on the 2 nd February, 1999), and 13 functional subdivisions. The Institute’s staff consists of 267 scientific fellows, among them 4 Academicians, 9 Associate Members of ANAS and 157 Doctors of Science and Ph.Ds.


In 1926 the Research and Study Society of Azerbaijan (investigations in a filed of geology and geophysics) was established.

In 1932 Azerbaijan subdivision of Transcaucasian branch of Academy of sciences of USSR (AzSTBAS) (study of natural resources of Azerbaijan) was established on the basis of this society.

In 1935 AzSTBAS was reorganized to Azerbaijani branch of Academy of Sciences of USSR (ABAS USSR) with a number of institutions, including geology sector.

In 1938 the geology sector was reformed into an independent research institution – Geology Institute on initiative of major Azerbaijan scientists – Sh.A. Azizbekov, M.A.Kashkay, A.A.Yakubov.

The forming and development of the institution coincided with a period of rapid development of Azerbaijan oil and gas industry.

Physics, Mathematics and Technological Studies Department;Chemistry Department;Earth Sciences Department;Biology Department;Social Sciences Department.

International projects

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