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Kokshetau State University

About University

The Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov is a multilevel structure, which includes diversified college, the bachelor degree, the MA course and the Ph.D.

The Higher Education Institution gives training opportunity on fifty four specialties of a bachelor degree and twenty seven specialties of a MA course. Preparation of doctoral candidates of PhD is carried out on specialties: Philology, Mathematics, Pedagogics and Psychology.
Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov – the modern, dynamic, developing Higher Education Institution aimed at conquest of scientific and educational tops.

Higher education institution mission – formation by Kokshetau State University named after  Sh. Ualikhanov of the scientific and educational environment in which preparation of the highly qualified specialists demanded on a labor market of the northern region of Kazakhstan and the country as a whole, possessing values, knowledge and competences according to the current requirements of society is realized.


The first actual graduates of young specialists in a full-time department numbered 99 people (1966), on a distant education department – 69 (1967). First high achiever graduates: K.K.Zhanbayev (Physics and Mathematisl Faculty), E.N.Samusenko, A.I.Odintsova (Philology Faculty).

According to Resolution of Council of Ministers KazSSR of March 29, 1965 No. 241  the Kokchetav Pedagogical Institute was named after  the first Kazakh scientist-educator Chokan Chingizovich Valikhanov.

In 70-80 years there were considerable achievements in institute activity, and it was a guarantee of creative and fruitful work of rectors of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION E.I.Boyarskogo and K.D.Zholamanova.

The educative and resources base of Institute of Higher Education was thoroughly strengthened, qualitative level of the faculty raised. New specialties were open: Kazakh language and Literature (1982), Chemistry, Biology (1984), Fine arts and drawing (1985), Computer science; new faculties are organized: Chemistry and Biology (1985), faculty of Professional Development of Directors (1979). Number of students grew up to 2500 people.

In 1963 in Kokshetau the general technical faculty of the Pavlodar industrial institute was opened,  engineer M.F.Rysikov became its first dean.

In 1972 general technical faculty of the Pavlodar industrial institute became the part of the Karaganda Polytechnic  Institute.

Training carried out in an evening form on specialties: “Industrial and civil engineering”, “Technology of mechanical engineering”, “Cars and automobile economy”. The specialty “Radio engineering” was opened in 1988.

Since 1990 the faculty opens a distant training department, and in 1991 carries out the first intake on full-time tuition on specialties: “Economy and management in construction”, “Technology of mechanical engineering”. On the basis of general technical faculty in 1993 the Kokshetau branch of polytechnic Institute is organized.

In 2001 according to the Resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kokshetau StateUniversity named after Sh. Ualikhanov was renamed into the Republican State Government Enterprise ” Shokan Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University”.



International projects

The Center for International Cooperation, Academic Mobility and Polylinguism sets following targets and tasks:

  • Preparation and conclusion mutual cooperative agreements with foreign universities;
  • Participation in planning and monitoring of international relations, established between our university and foreign organizations;
  • Participation in organizing and leading of multilateral and bilateral activities according to the international cooperation strategy;
  • Setting up grants and internship database, provide a consultation support about study abroad opportunities for university stuff and students;
  • Enrollment of foreign students in accordance with international cooperative agreements and contracts;
  • Control of passport and visa issues for foreign visitors coming in the university;
  • Search and establishment of contacts with foreign partners and their representatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Realization of joint research projects;
  • Assistance to the realization of studying programs “Kazakh language as mother tongue and as a foreign language”, “Russian language as a foreign language” and other language programme;
  • Organization of study abroad programmes for students, teaching and university stuff;

Practical aims of the Center are the development of students’ and teachers’ academic mobility; implementation of the Bologna process principles and Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, Horizon 2020, Tempus IV programmes; providing courses of foreign languages.

We are sure that the international cooperation will promote not only the modernisation of education, but also the pavement of the way for the passage to competitive, dynamic, based on the scientific knowledge economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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