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Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulyanov

About university

The decision about the establishment of the Chuvash state university on the base of the Moscow Lenin’s award power engineering institute was made in August, 17, 1967.That day the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR adopted the decision “About the foundation of the Chuvash State University”. There were 7 faculties, they were: historically-philological, medical, generally-technical, chemical, economical, electrical engineering and industry electrification faculties.

The Chuvash state university is named after Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov – an outstanding Russian educator, a pedagogue-democrat. Its name was given to the university by the decision of the Soviet of Ministers of the RSFSR from November, 30, 1967.


In 1920 the revolutionary committee and the first congress of Councils of the Chuvash Autonomous district made a decision about the university creation in Cheboksary. But at that time the decision was not brought to life. Next time the question about the creation of the Chuvash state university was raised again in 1958-1959, but even then the question could not be decided because of many problems connected with the absence of the material base and lack of the scientific staff in the republic.

The university was formed on 17 August 1967 through a merger of the Volga Branch of the Order of Lenin Moscow Energy Institute and the Historical-Philological Department of the I. Ya. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical Institute. It was named after Ilya Nikolaevich Ulianov, an educator.

Opened already in 1930 the part of historically-philological faculty of the Chuvash pedagogical institute joined the university. By the time of the university creation there had been about 900 students (including 350 full-time students) and highly qualified scientifically-pedagogical staff, 3 professors and 30 senior lecturers among them. The historically-philological faculty got wide popularity and many traditions during its existence.

In1968/69 there was opened the 8th faculty-of Physics and Mathematics at the university.


1. Problems of economic development of the region and the organization of the company.

2 . Spiritual, moral , intellectual development of the individual.

3 . The history of world civilizations and the fate of Russia .

4 . Topical issues of improving the political and legal system of Russia .

5 . Problems of improvement and modernization of education.

6. Literature and languages ​​of the peoples of the Volga and the Urals. Russian language and literature in international communication .

7. Contemporary philosophical and socio -political problems of science and education.

8. Mathematical models and their applications , systems analysis , management and information processing .

9. Organometallic , organic and inorganic compounds , polymers, composites, and the new generations.

10 . New directions and approaches in the study and analysis of the physical phenomena and processes in different environments.

International programs

International activities of the University is carried out in two areas: education and scientific research . One of the main forms of international activities of CSU ‘s education – is the training of foreign students , graduate students, medical residents , interns .

Academic Council approved the “concept of training of foreign specialists in the CSU system of continuing professional education,” according to which in 1991 the university to the preparatory department adopted the first group of foreign citizens in the amount of 24 people to continue their education at medical school . The following year, the number of foreign students at the university, has risen to 95 people . In subsequent years, a contingent of foreign students at the university , dynamically changed in the choice of training programs and expand the geography of the countries from which international students arrive.

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