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Human Forum 2017

We are pleased to announce that GSM Barcelona is going to held HUMAN FORUM at the beginning of July 2019. The participants come from different parts of the world to discuss on topics that relate to the problems of human being.

The Manifest for Human Identity Rights

Need for a proclamation on the right to individual identity.

Human Forum/ Foro Humano proclaims the idea that every human being is unique, unrepeatable, unequal to any other. The constitution of every human is her identity. There is no difference between a person and his identity. To define humans as equal from birth is to prepare them for uniformity and collective thinking, which is contrary to freedom and the dignity of persons. During his life, a person is called to respect other human beings and to demand respect for himself. At the end of life, all humans end their lives in unequal ways and they reap the fruits of their actions, which fruits are different in every person.

From the moment of birth, the human being is identical to herself: she is not the property of either the father or the mother, even if the mother carries her in the womb. She is not property of the family, nor of the state. She has the right to life, even if during the pregnancy she depends on the mother. No legislation can affect her identity if it is not to protect it.

Humanity is not one, and cannot be convoked as one single nation. All peoples have the right to possess and to preserve their own traditions and their own language and should defend these against the impositions of other peoples and other nations. Perfection in diversity and in mutual respect is the first and most important condition for human development

Humanity should aspire toward a Universal Declaration of absolute respect for the rights of persons and peoples, based on the principle of Individual Identity. This declaration should not be merely rhetorical, but also effective.

Human Forum/Foro Humano is born to give impetus to the process of qualitative change that is needed by modern society. Changes are taking place independently from the will of a country’s habitants. The purpose of these is to give individuals a sense of progress toward better individual and social lives.

Societies tend to wither within themselves if they do not renew their vital energy and provide supplementary resources to drive critical development and change.

The energy that is required by societies to satisfy the needs of their people takes the form of ideas, of information, of abilities, of solidarity and of justice.

Human Forum/ Foro Humano describes the changes needed by society from a humanistic perspective. By humanism we understand the integral development of the human being in her vast individual and social complexity. As an individual, the human being has material needs and has the right to satisfy these. As a social being, an individual is protected by certain rights, as well as certain duties. The state, in any of its forms, should defend the Human Rights and the Rights of Citizens and if these violate the law, they shall exclude themselves from legality and legitimacy.

Racial groups, all distinct from one another, should live on this planet according to the principle of equality and mutuality of rights and duties, and none of these should enact violence against any of the others.

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