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Human Forum 2017

We are pleased to announce that GSM Barcelona is going to held HUMAN FORUM at the beginning of July 2019. The participants come from different parts of the world to discuss on topics that relate to the problems of human being.

Manifest Energy for Life

Manifest Energy for Life

World Water Right Community to Human Forum

The World Committees of Human Rights to Water. Mission accomplished and new tasks

Since their constitution in the Poblet Monastery in 2008, the World Committees of Human Rights to Water have carried out a various activities in several countries to move the United Nations to declare the Human right to water a fundamental human right. Three years later, the United Nations proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Rights to Water. This supposes the equality of all citizens, respect for the independence of nations and free access to sources of water, which is vital for life. This means, as pointed out by Abbot of Poblet Monastery, Don José Alegre, recovering the original harmony and the life of peace in the relationships between people and nations.

Governments understand that the fight against poverty should begin with actions that tend to guarantee the access of all humans to water.

The conflict over water access between countries that share rivers is pending a resolution, but international legislation to resolve this is an instrument that did not exist before the Universal Declaration.

The Human Right to Energy

Considering that our objective of the Universal Declaration of Rights to Water has been reached, and without renouncing our continued work on various projects to make water accessible to all humans, and to stop water from being an instrument of war, we should focus on achieving a declaration on the Human Right to Electrical Energy as a Fundamental Human Right, to be declared by the United Nations.

Life is not possible without heat, without energy. The right to Heat, to freedom from cold, to warm oneself and cook food is a basic and universal right. All peoples of the planet have a right to heat and energy. It is a crime against humanity to deny them this.
The modern state permits heat and energy to be monopolized by large companies which, with their commercial wars and abusive prices violate the fundamental right of all humans to heat themselves, to cook their food and to move freely from one place to another.

One of the primary obligations of the State should be to guarantee citizens the use of energy that will permit their own individual and collective development. The citizen, as a living being, has a right to the energy contained in physical space, given that without energy he cannot live or progress. Access to water is linked to the availability of electrical energy to pump the water from the rivers, to treat the water in purification systems and to transport it to the place of consumption. The fight against extreme poverty rests precisely on these two factors: availability of water and availability of energy. This is our immediate challenge and we invite you to take it up with us.
Thank you very much.

“The International Association of Universities UNION is a powerful global University network, which includes 110 universities from 34 countries. The Association is ambitious, cosmopolitan, innovative project, reflecting key challenges and core values associated with today´s world.” – Dr. Galimkair Mutanov, President of The International Association of Universities UNION, Rector of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Professor, Academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences.